A Tone Poem for Brass Band in 10 movements

Your chance to be part of a unique musical event, one of the largest scale pieces ever composed for Brass Band

Open Rehearsal and Concert Performance
Location and Times: TBC

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Audio and Music Samples

Video - sample from movements 1, 2 and 4.

First Movement - Evigilans (excerpt) - Full Brass Band Score

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The open rehearsal and performance is free to any brass or percussion player to participate in. Due to the extended nature of the piece, a band with more than the strictly required 29 performers will be required to allow for the optimal amount of resting and sharing of parts. After rehearsal, the entire piece will be performed – members of the public are invited to attend, free of charge.

Further information about registration and part distribution will be made available soon. Please follow our Twitter account @singularisbb for the latest news.

Motivations and Inspiration

Most brass band music falls into three categories – short programme music up to 4 minutes in duration, extended works 6-8 minutes, and major “test piece” compositions around 10-12 minutes, but up to 17 minutes at the highest level. Works greater than this duration are unusual; those that do usually involve other forces i.e. choirs or are an amalgamation of music gathered from various sources.

The reasons are 2 fold – firstly playing a brass instrument involves a great deal of effort and stamina, so playing music without breaks for a long period of time is taxing. Secondly, there is a great “market” for brass band music around the 12 minutes mark – the traditional length of the Test Piece – music performed at competitions by hundreds of bands across the world.

The composer wanted to extend and push the brass band repertoire and experiment with music for band over a longer time frame. The challenges are not just compositional – coming up with material of enough variety for the homogenous brass band palette is one such challenge – but also in band management, ensuring that the music is physically possible to perform.

The actual inspiration for the topic of the music is the composer’s fascination with the genre of post-apocalyptical films and television – those where an event has trigged some mass extinction of most of humanity. The 1985 film “The Quiet Earth” is an prominent source of ideas for the subject and story line.

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For performance and press enquiries, contact Colin Harris:

0782 488 6024